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wanted to thank so many of you for the comments on my recent article about everyone moving to WA and Seattle specifically.  However the number one question I have been getting from my discussions with you “would be sellers” is “If I don’t stay here where will I go?”

Recently my stats friend Mark Nowlin at the Seattle Times compiled the data and chart for me.  The chart below shows the top ten counties that King County residents are moving to.
The top two areas that I have the most outside influence on is Chelan and Kittitas County of which both counties made the top 20 list with about 1000 each.  Keep a close eye on these two counties.  Long a huge refuge for recreating second home lovers.
My prediction-As density continues to increase in Puget Sound, look for neighboring Chelan, Kittitas, Thurston and Skagit counties to continue to grow at more than 15% per year.  Reason-less dense and slightly lower housing costs, recreation, lower cost retirement, good care nearby, not too far away from family and peers.

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Here is a link to the US Census Migration map.  You enter most counties and see for yourself the migration pathsmigration charts

Keep in mind I have Windermere agent staff in all 13 Western states.  If you or someone you know is looking to move far or near I can put my Windermere team to work right away!!!!!
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